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Whether you are hunting for vintage or antique treasures  and decide to relax with a cup of tea.

Or you want to relax over a cup of tea and decide to hunt through the treasures we have found and brought back to our store  -

"Tea and Treasures" is the place for you!

It's official! - 3-1-13 We are open for buiness... March 1st 2013 is our official first day of business. Look for us to add inventory and events where you can visit us in person throughout the year. We will be updating our website to keep everyone informed of the new inventory we are adding and new locations to find us.
Spring is just around the corner and we are excited about all of the new and exciting products we are planning to introduce.  Check out our "On-line Store" page to see what's new.
Who we are -

Tea-and-Treasures is a small woman-owned business founded by someone who loves to shop for new, vintage and antique "treasures." After years of travelling the world thanks to my family, career and affiliations with the military, my collections grew too big for my home. So I decided to share them with others. Add that to my love of lingering over a good cup of tea on a weekend afternoon, and the concept of "Tea and Treasures" was formed. I spend most of the year collecting things that are beautiful, unique, or just charming that I personally would love to have in my home. And when my treasures become too many, I share the opportunity for others to own them. My family and friends contribute to the collections, and many of my items come from estate sales that I attend. If my home was bigger, I wouldn't part with a single item! But, instead I have decided to keep up with my collecting and just share the treasures I find with others. I look forward to welcoming many customers into my world of "treasures" and I invite you to share a cup of tea with me when you come to browse the merchandise.

Why Us?

We only present items we personally would love to have in OUR homes. If you want something unusual at an affordable price, our mission is to help you find it.